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At Bright Ethics, we are passionate about inspiring meaningful and sustainable changes that addresses ethical issues in business.

Our ethical accreditation is designed to recognise those organisations who have made meaningful and tangible ethical commitments.

Our Bright Ethics heart mark is not just a badge, it represents that someone has made a real and tangible commitment to improving the world we live in.

We are proud to help bright people from all industries evaluate areas for improvement, celebrate current successes and implement robust ethical policies and practices.


Why should we care about ethics in business?

  •  The successful implementation of ethical practices promotes efficiency and waste reduction and can therefore have a tangible impact on cost reduction
  • We also look beyond paper policies and help engage your employees in ethical practices and their benefits, ensuring that they firmly become part your organisations values and behaviors
  •  We independently verify policies and practices using a robust set of criteria. This enabled us to accredit those who demonstrate real ethical commitments and also puts an end to the culture of green-washing.
  • Our standard is based upon extensive research into both consumer and business attitudes towards ethics in business. This means that we assess organisations against the values and expectations of their customers.


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