Our values are just as important as yours

Bethan Vincent, Director, is deeply committed to promoting responsible business models and empowering consumers to choose ethical businesses. You can find out more about her work here

Bright Ethics is passionate about inspiring and promoting companies which act responsibly, transparently and sustainably.

Our team is made up of dedicated and motivated individuals who all share the same commitment to acting according to our clear set of values and behaviors:

  • Authentic and honest communication

  • Ethical and green mindsets

  • Renewable and sustainable action

  • Always transparent and always trustworthy

We pride ourselves on these four guiding principles which make up the heart of our business.



Founded in 2012, Bright Ethics has always been passionate about inspiring ethical action and supporting responsible businesses.


When we started, we knew that there were a few key problems that we wanted to solve:

  • How do we make it easy for consumers choose companies which have proven their ethical commitments?
  • How do we inspire more businesses to take ethical action?
  • How can we support businesses in implementing ethical policies and communicating them
  • How can we set an ethical standard which is robust, but not prohibitive

This is why we developed our Ethical Certification, which acts as a clear signifier that a business has made a tangible commitment to ethical action.