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The Bright Ethics Standard 

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Bright Ethics is a leading specialist in Independent Ethical Certification for UK organisations. We work in partnership with a skilled team of assessors to deliver a progressive and credible assessment against our Ethical Standard.

We currently work in partnership with The Centre for Assessment, who help us deliver our certification to organisations of all sizes.

Our Ethical Standard has been developed utilising research into public expectations of business ethics and the activities and perceptions of businesses themselves. The standard promotes continuous development within organisations through identification of weaker and stronger areas of ethical impact.


The Benefits of Assessment

  • Improve tender and supply chain opportunities by complying with an ethical standard. 
  • Make a public statement of your ethical approaches that will enhance the corporate image of your organisation. 
  • Independently verify policies and practices to ensure compliance throughout your organisation.
  • Improve your ability to attract and retain staff through your ethical practices and staff engagement.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment and promote sustainability within your organisation. 

What do we mean by ethical?

An ethical organisation is one that has actively demonstrated its real and tangible commitment to reducing its impact on the planet and increasing its positive impact on people and communities. 

A question we get asked a lot is; why do you use the term ethical?

Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable, Green, Responsible - these are all excellent terms for describing the positive agendas of organisations. However they are often linked to one area of concern e.g. environmental protection or waste reduction.

Ethics is a useful term because it relates to the the principles and standards which guide behaviours and decisions within organisations across their whole breadth, rather than within one distinct area. 

We believe that for an organisation to make a real impact, it needs to look at the whole picture and have the ability to empower positive decision making in every employee.

Ethics are also important as ethical codes are created and upheld by society generally as a whole and form a living part of the structure of every society. This is why we felt it was so important to gather public opinion during our research phase.

Our research, alongside a review of research from a number of academics and institutions, helped us come to the following conclusion:

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